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I guess I’ll get started with yesterday…

Yesterday my roommate Maysen and I had a few friends over to celebrate our birthdays (both of our birthdays were last week within a few days of each other). A few weeks ago Maysen’s mom surprised me by buying me a gluten free cake mix (no, I’m not trying to be hipster, I’m just allergic). Here’s a picture of that:


The cake itself is a confetti cake with vanilla frosting and rainbow jimmies. It was so good! (Actually, both Maysen and I separately both decided to have cake for breakfast this morning).

Even earlier in the day before our little party we went to the grocery store. I always forget to bring my canvas bags so I’m stuck with the small, flimsy plastic ones. It’s always fun to wait for the bus with several awkward bags of groceries.


No, those are not all hers, about half of the bags there are mine.

And then, of course, our stop to get home was the last one on the bus route… I’m being melodramatic, it really wasn’t that bad.

Also yesterday my Razor scooter came in the mail! A birthday present from my mom that I desperately needed because of reasons. Actually, there are several good reasons for an adult to own a Razor scooter.

Exhibit A:


(5,000 points to anyone who knows where these screencaps are from).

Also, I do have access to buses but I’m not, what you would call, “punctual”. I end up missing the bus half of the time and then I have to wait close to 15 minutes for it to come around again. Sure, I could walk but that takes twice as long and it’s BORING!

And if you think I was mature enough to put the scooter together and then leave it next to my bag until school on Monday, you would be wrong. I scooted around the apartment. (I scooted in my room earlier today with the door shut so Maysen wouldn’t judge me).

Ok, now back to yesterday…

After our friends went home Maysen and I watched “The General”.



If you haven’t seen this one you totally should. Buster Keaton is HILARIOUS! Last night was my first time watching it. It was also my first time watching a full-length silent film all the way through (I’ve seen quite a few silent shorts, like the ones by Georges Méliès).

I mean I just…



And look how done he is.



Tonight we’re going to watch a Charlie Chaplin film. I’m thinking it’s going to be “The Gold Rush”.



You don’t even understand how excited I am!

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