Sick… Part 2

So I went to choir and I was feeling a little worse than earlier in the day so I opted out of singing. I’m glad I didn’t skip class entirely because we got 2 new songs that we (they) worked on today. Medieval songs à la Mediaeval Baebes.


If you don’t know who they are, in which case– neither did I. I hadn’t heard of them until last week. My choir director really likes them, he says they’re his favorite women’s choir.

So I sat in the back row and followed along with the music. And I wore a surgical mask just to make sure I didn’t infect anyone.


My friends told me I looked like I had a terminal illness…

Before choir (backtracking once again) I went downstairs and my shuttle tracker said I had 4 minutes until the bus came but when I went outside I could see the bus was already parked at the stop at the other end of the block. It pulled away before I got halfway there…


But thankfully one of my choir friends had also missed the bus so she gave me a ride in her car so I didn’t have to wait another 15 minutes and probably be late for class. And she drove me home so that was great too.


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