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Well I woke up this morning and I think I have a cold…

Last night I was hoping it was just allergies from vacuuming or maybe I was “wheated”, but no. I woke up with a headache, stuffy nose, itchy throat, and a little cough. It probably didn’t help that I went to bed at around 2:30 a.m. because I was watching “Agent Carter”.

When I went to my German Diction class this morning I found out my teacher was also sick with the same symptoms as me. I have multiple classes with him through the weeks so it’s not a stretch to say we both must have caught the same thing.

Also it’s cold and rainy today so I’m sick and scooting around on my razor scooter looking like this:


At least that’s what I think.

In other news Maysen and I loved “The Gold Rush” it was even funnier than I expected. It was a little bit weird because the version we watched was a 1942. They took out all of the intertitles and Charlie Chaplin narrated it. That did not detract from the comedy in any way. Also it was fun to listen to the music. I know that in the silent film era the theatres would either have a pianist play specific pieces or improvise through the duration of the movie, depending on what was going on onscreen. With this re release Charlie Chaplin wrote and arranged a lot of the music so there were a few familiar pieces like “Flight of the Bumble Bee” and Tchaikovsky’s “Grande valse villageoise”, which you will probably recognize as “Once Upon A Dream” from “Sleeping Beauty”.

The whole movie is a masterpiece.

I just want to keep watching silent films. I’m so weird.

Also, I found out that in “The General” (I know, I’m all over the place today), during this scene:

Or really after, they just left the train in that river when they were done with it. It stayed there until WWII when they needed it for scrap metal.

Back to today, I came home to eat lunch and maybe start filming a choreography video for one of my classes that I promised I would post over the weekend (more on that another time) but instead I’m just sitting here on my bed blogging. But I’m sick so I think I get a pass for that. I need to rest before choir anyway.

Final thing of this post. I’ll give you my German word for the day:


It means “spring evening twilight”.

And in case you wanted to know, here’s how you diagram it in IPA:



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