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Ginger Tea


I figured since I’m sick and I’ve been using all of the remedies in my arsenal to get better so I can sing again, I figured I would share some of these tips with yous.

The first one I will share is my “recipe” for fresh ginger tea. The quotes are necessary because there really isn’t much to this.

A few years ago I looked up how to make fresh ginger tea and basically all it required was steeping slices of ginger in boiling water. Personally I didn’t think it ever got strong enough no matter how long I steeped it and it wasn’t any better than just steeping some dried ginger tea.

So here’s my trick, I grate the ginger and put it directly in the hot water and I drink it just like that (after it’s cooled down, of course). If you want to take this on the go I would suggest putting the tea in an opaque container, otherwise you’ll probably get some weird looks because of the yellow bits floating around in your water.

You can add honey if you want, I personally don’t like it like that. I don’t know why, I just don’t like adding sweeteners to anything besides milk teas or iced teas. Lemon would probably be good with this as well.

This is especially good when you’re sick, but I also like to drink it before voice lessons (if I remember to make it…). It’s also a great remedy for an upset stomach.



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