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Be UH Man!

I woke up feeling a little better today, so that’s good, but I still didn’t sing in choir. I was almost late for my German Diction class because I slept past my alarm. I had to do my homework in like 5 minutes so hopefully I didn’t completely bomb it…

So now to the fun part of today. I had my Opera Production class today. In Opera Production since there are so many students we are doing one full opera, a small English opera, and a Disney showcase for special needs kids. I am in the Disney showcase which is super fun so far. If you remember I was talking about filming a choreography video for “Zero to Hero” from Hercules, that’s what that’s for. I’m the choreographer and staging director for that number. But today we didn’t work on “Zero to Hero”, we did “A Girl Worth Fighting For” from Mulan.

Mulan is one of my favorite movies of all time. It was actually the very first movie I ever saw in the theatre.

Now let me just tell you some things about this number. It’s the smallest one we’re doing (5 people total) and my teacher cast ALL girls.


I was chosen to play Yao.


It’s a pretty obvious choice since I am the shortest in the group by at least 3 inches.

But here’s the thing, I AM A SOPRANO!

This makes things a little bit difficult because when I’m sick the first thing to go is my lower register. Thankfully that wasn’t a problem today and we were doing mostly blocking.

Also, I am so not masculine in any way. Good thing Mulan has taught me all the things I need to know to “Be A Man”.


I noticed in my performance as Yao, King of the Rock (please tell me you understood that reference) with all of my witty one liners I have been channeling a mix of two Disney characters I am very familiar with:

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast


and Racetrack from Newsies.


Here’s another one just ‘cuz.


Yeah, he was here, but he put an egg in his shoe and beat it. – Racetrack Higgins

So basically I’m a smart Alec-y New Yorker who’s full of himself.


(I was going to try to photoshop Gaston and Race together in a bizarre mashup but then I stumbled upon the most perfect Racetrack gif ever)

This is the first day we’ve done any blocking or staging but I’m having a great time strutting around the stage and pushing people around (mostly Mulan), especially when I’m the smallest one there. I also get to do fun things like this:


and this


It’s so much fun!


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